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ROBERT J. BRYAN | Washington state United States District Court | Common CORE ED OPT OUT NOW | American Apartheid - Genocide | Corrections Corporation of America CCA | Cindy Sheehan ~ Keep Calm and Trust Iraqis With Iraq (Soapbox Podcast June 22, 2014)

The decision of Judge Robert J. Bryan dismissing my federal case was quite nicely done, avoiding the tough issues in a quite legal fashion. It is not surprising as judges commonly don't like to rock the boat but instead resolve individual cases in a fair and equitable fashion. Also, had Judge Bryan made a radical decision seeking reform of serious and widespread problems, it would likely be futile. It was virtually certain that whatever Judge Bryan decided, it would be appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court and on matters of this nature, they would simply ignore whatever Judge Bryan said and do whatever they like. In all liklihood that will be the same (avoiding the tough issues), so why should Judge Bryan sacrifice his reputation as a judge in a futile effort. It did raise interesting questions for me as to the application of principals even when the 'right' thing is futile, but that will be on a separate page.

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Oklahoma recently took action to protect the state’s children from the federal education bureaucracy by withdrawing from Common Core. Common Core is the latest attempt to bribe states, with money taken from the American people, into adopting a curriculum developed by federal bureaucrats and education “experts.” In exchange for federal funds, states must change their curriculum by, for example, replacing traditional mathematics with “reform math.” Reform math turns real mathematics on its head by focusing on “abstract thinking” instead of traditional concepts like addition and subtraction. Schools must also replace classic works of literature with  “informational” texts, such as studies by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Those poor kids!

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Just south of the Melrose intersection on Highland Avenue, in Hollywood’s Hancock Park neighborhood, the palm tree where Michael Hastings’s car crashed and exploded in flames in June remains scorched black about 20 feet high. Parts of the car are buried in the base of the tree, where a poster is attached that reads, “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE” on one line, and “#HASTINGS” on another. A military medal is also pinned to the tree, and these photos taken by a local woman of the Hastings memorial show it at its busiest earlier in the summer.

“His friends and family who know him, everyone says he drives like a grandma, so that right there doesn’t seem like something that he would be doing,” said Hastings’s friend, the Staff Sgt. Joe Biggs, in an interview with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly one week after the crash. “He had a lot of friends and family that cared about him. He had a good life to live. There’s no way he would be acting erratic like that and acting that out of control.”

Hastings’s last article, published on BuzzFeed, exposed Democratic Party leaders including President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin for their support of the same domestic spying programs they had criticized during the Bush years, but which they worked to expand under the Obama administration.

One of Hastings’s most remembered lines is this: “When writing for a mass audience, put a fact in every sentence.” And as facts go, the truth behind Michael Hastings’s death, whether he was intentionally killed and by whom, may be opening a much bigger, broader and more dangerous story than the Americans he was writing for are prepared to face.

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Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
June 22, 2014

 Keep Calm and Trust Iraqis With Iraq (Soapbox Podcast June 22, 2014)

Iraqi-American, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi
GUEST: Dr. Dahlia Wasfi
TOPIC: US out of Iraq!
Cindy Sheehan chats with peace-activist Dr. Dahlia Wasfi about the TRUTH of the current situation in Iraq.
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Keep Calm and Trust Iraqis with Iraq
by Dahlia Wasfi

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Dr. Dahlia Wasfi
Excerpt from Dahli's Epic 2010 Speech "Life in Iraq under US occupation"
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Dr. Wasfi's congressional testimony to the Congressional Black Caucus:

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Say Yes to Hillary: Two-Thousand and Never
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Hellory by Anthony Freda
Right after Camp Casey the huge media circus/protest in front of George Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas in August of 2005, I was invited to the home of Producer/Director/Actor Rob Reiner to meet and have a chat. Also at that meeting was a major philanthropist (although I didn’t know it at the time) to all causes Clinton, wealthy Stephen Bing.

I naïvely believed that I was there because Rob Reiner and Steve Bing were against war. HAH! I was there because Rob and Steve were above all things (even peace and justice) pro-Democrat.
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Do we know the mass murderers are in full throttle charge here in the U.S.?  Oh indeed we know by the numbers of the HIGH GENIUSES that expose the SUBTERRANEAN SPECIES' appearing to have taken control, here.

THE "INTERNETS" (GWB "Jr") are not going to be ignored Mr. Bryan, Et Al.  You need to get petitioned (we are working on the PETITIONS) to be retired.  The FEDERAL CREDIT WELFARE can be provided as long as the ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL FEDERALISTS are not allowed to destroy further the IDEA of our ENLIGHTENMENT.


Americans are not STUPIDER than those that have decided S.M.A.R.T. is IT undisclosed.  The PUBLIC has to be kept ignorant for the PONZI to continue and that isn't happening Mr. Bryan, Et Al.

... to be continued ....]

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  1. Ninth Circuit is the USDC and Mr. Bryan in the Washington state system of U.S. Constitutional Article III, doesn't "PASS THE CONSTITUTIONAL MUSTER!"

    USDC IS 9 Circuit, Mr. Bryan in the Washington state system of U.S. Constitutional Article III. YOU Who Whom Et Al doesn't "PASS THE CONSTITUTIONAL MUSTER!"