Sunday, June 22, 2014

JUSTICES LEMON & BRYAN | Hon. Robert J. Bryan American Inn of Court: Promoting Professionalism – September 17, 2103 – Joint Session  Our first meeting of the 2013-14 academic year was also a first of its kind — a joint meeting with our two other local Inns, the William L. Dwyer American Inn of Court and the Hon. Robert J. Bryan American Inn of Court. Attendees were treated to histories of each Inn and an inspiring address from Justice Donald W. Lemons, president of the Board of Trustees of the American Inns of Court Foundation and justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia. 

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Justice Lemons and Judge Bryan

Mr. Bryan has said in a paper that there is no due process law in the court where he is practicing law - without a license ?

Appears this is one of the problems - there is only a membership to the British Accredited Registry [Bar / B.A.R.], and KAREN HUDES' a former General Counsel for the World Bank, can be communicated with by Mr. Bryan, in the event he is actually listening to what is going on.

Mr. Bryan does not address the FACT, that, Ann L. Aiken filed an ORDER which he, Et Al (see his cases noted omitting THE case), 3:11 - mc - 09266, filed in the United States District Court as MISCELLANEOUS, via Aiken.

That is the ORDER to-wit Mr. Bryan, Et Al rely/ied upon to violate DUE PROCESS LAW.

The SPIRIT-LETTER-RULE OF LAW to Mr. Bryan, Et Al appears to be a very important tier of words that are only spoken in his very obvious APARTHEID.

You, Et Al, have constructed, intentionally:


AND, and that was and-is, has-been and probably for a very long yet to come, shall-be the standard amongst the THUGS.

THUGS work around the clock, as the virtual digital fraud has also made the mess that THUGS love.

What a profession:  getting to be the most subterranean of the Homo Sapiens ever in earth.  Iceland and the countries where an enlightenment is, all know where the Dark Ages is and did ITS' best to defeat the enlightenment.

NO.  The world said NO Mr. Bryan to your portfolio of trading human flesh as though you are some pillar of society to emulate.

In reality, this court system of a model that works for who and whom? The telephone calls amongst the thuggery is no doubt never not happening.  Recently a Supreme Court Justice, was continuing to receive Email, after not being reelected the last time around in the elections in Oregon.

The B.A.R. in which I worked, was well connected and that was in 1988-89. 

THUGS operate with full impunity and immunity because they have the contractors always willing to kill and there are many now that do this because the programming has been an extraordinary IT, see Michael Hastings and look into the portfolios of those that 'retire' in the shadow of IT.

.. to be continued ...

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  1. Ann L. Aiken wrote an ORDER, 3:11 - MC - 09266, AND there is NO SUCH POWER in her paper that overpowers the U.S. Constitution. Well, except in those that choose to IGNORE the 21 Century has been awake since the 20th Century, too. WAKE UP MR. ROBERT J. BRYAN, the internet has your paperwork to examine for all the LAW practiced in the Thugs' Code/s.