Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hillary Clinton is either TERRIFIED of what she has chosen to participate in doing, or what is she terrified of? Not fit for President and not fit either | Commonly depicted in European-history textbooks as "Justified Retribution for Nazi Germany's Wartime Atrocities"

copyright rkelly 6/2014
Few wars today, whether within or between states, do not feature an attempt by one or both sides to create facts on the ground by forcibly displacing minority populations perceived as alien to the national community. And although the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court has attempted to restrain this tendency by prohibiting mass deportations, Elazar Barkan maintains that such proscriptions are far from absolute, and that “today there is no single code of international law that explicitly outlaws population transfers either in terms of group or individual rights protections.

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  1. The Federal Reserve System's DIGITAL CRIMINAL FRAUD has caused the American people to become monsters that can't be fixed?

  2. Fear is the mind killer and killers fear the freedom of the minds of the Homo Sapiens' awakening and seeing monsters filled with the fear of all earth awakening and stopping the monsters once and for all!