Saturday, June 28, 2014

The U.S. Economy Has Collapsed: “This Is A Monstrous Negative Revision” | America Has Ceased To Exist | MELTDOWN | "I Think We're In The Early Stages Of The End Of The West"

For months the administration, financial pundits and Wall Street analysts made it a point to inform Americans about the healthy state of our economy. One of the key metrics they’ve used as proof of recovery was the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which measures the productive output of the U.S. economy as a whole.

[sidebar:  This could very well be the problem - the legal system was literally hog-tied, and there is no way to untie the slaughtered mess.  The AMERICAN so called 'people' aren't.  As he says, people in the so called what was it he said the PACIFIC NORTHWEST [PNW] ... quite the place from his perspective of how the look is from other places than the PNW.

It's the so called religious tribe of the JEWS that made this situation.  They did, and they always have, gotten greedy to the point of destroying the CULTURE, and this time the end is going to be a whole west.  America's fifty state was a design of well crafted communism.  Go to each state and depending upon the owners of that state determines the level of communistic life.

Life in America has been the the fast lane now, to become not what the enlightened idea was.

We're in for an amazing portal into a new beginning in time.  KAREN HUDES' trusts the whole truth, however the problem is there are far more imaginations that won't get, that trusting the power of those, that are joined in a coalition with Karen Hudes', are the greater circle of life.

... to be continued ....]

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  1. MONEY as a commodity to make earth hell is criminally insane.