Tuesday, June 3, 2014

VAMPIRE FACE LIFTS: Catherine Ashton #1, Christine Lagarde #1, WHY BILDERBERGER LEAST WORRY | To Be Continued

>> http://rt.com/op-edge/163304-why-bilderberg-least-worry/  <<

[sidebar:  The LEADERS OF FREE EARTH are Vampires of the World, in every, LAGARDE, regard!

Two (2) quick PAINT REPOS (reproductions).  The FACES and their 'owners' should be repossessed!!

THE possessed VAMPIRE$ that can never be satiated, clearly we must take them and place them where we can all be safe from the "HUMANITARIAN" VAMPIRES!

SPECIAL MORPHING, now sophistication in IT is getting very-very sophisticated?  Imagination is the highest of our sophisticated 'thinking', too ...

..to be continued ...


  1. Hi Story IS Vampire$ Ruled Earth & Called Themselves "Leaders" !

  2. Poetic License IS Hi Stories Telling IT Like IT REALLY WAS-IS when the Vampires Ruled World Earth Century 21 $hort $tick$ Uglier Than SIN