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THE TRUE PATRIOT by Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer | CHIEFS: HIAWATHA, TECUMSEH, JOSEPH, GERONIMO, CRAZY HORSE, ET AL | CITIZENS' LAWYERS'!! | Patriots | Pitchforks | True | Justice | Middle Class | Equality | Diversity | Money | Criminal Fraud | Institutionalized

To Liu and Hanauer, authors/writers, Et Al, SECOND AVENUE, 1301 Second Avenue, Suite 2850, Seattle, WA 98101, Telephone 206 332 1200, Fax 206 332 1201, Et Al, RE:

... When THE ...


NO SUCH IDEA:  PATRIOT (especially "true").

America's TRAGEDY:

We've been experimented on via INTERNATIONAL 'BANKERS'' since early on, the very beginning in actual reality.

One of the deciders' decisions (see FRITZ KRAEMER'S "ON EXCELLENCE"), we Americans were supposed to be THE GOLDEN ARMY for the ROME ideology to continue forever.

Yes, some aristocrats from the WESTERN EMPIRE BUILDERS got here and then managed to do worse to the Indians of America than what was done to them, the NEW PILGRIMS.  NEW YORK, NEW YORK, had to name that GULAG twice.  NEW AMSTERDAM.  NEW PILGRIMS (see REMBRANDT), via the Dutch Colonists that set-up the State of AFRICA, too, and made a language there as an APARTHEID.  Same model, in the USA.  REMBRANDT’S FAMILY DIED FROM DISEASES.  PILGRIMS shuffled via the International Bankers.  IMMIGRANTS IN AMERICA WITH DISEASES AN AGENDA?  OLD AS “NEW PILGRIMS.”  "Afrikkan" was a language not to communicate, but to be enslaved.  WALL STREET IN NY, SEE ALSO, PALESTINE:  BIBLE AND SWORD, Barbara Tuchman.

MELVILLE and HAWTHORNE, what happened to the writers of America that told real true HI STORIES?  Melville wrote about the AMERICAN INDIANS wandering aimlessly in the land that was theirs' and couldn't sell their most incredible art and works of pure genius.

Not very nice:  INTERNATIONAL BANKERS [IBs].   According to CARRIE DANN, Grandmother of the Western Shoshone, the TREATY OF THE FIVE / SIX NATIONS was the guide for our so called "True Patriots".  IE, the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION was from those such as Hiawatha and Tecumseh, the truly true patriots of Amerikka (south land masses of this continent called the north).  When the IBs use ANTI-SEMITIC, I use the lineage Marx name, to be in the energy of SUN TZU (“Art of War”).  I practice the TAO.

George Washington who couldn't break his slave Will Shag.  What did he do?  Took every method to break him, but finally sent WILL FREE, for a bottle of rum, to his home where he was stolen to be a slave to work the plantation owners' plantations.  George Washington and his wife Martha had their plantation, the WHITE HOUSE, their home was called and not that far away from the now so called "White House".  Two of the largest slave owners in America, George and Martha.

Then, the JEWS were the "TRIBE" that traffic and traded slaves, global.  More in America than any other enterprising "Tribe".  The Jewish so called RELIGION must be fully transparent or we're doomed.

RELIGIOUS CRIMINAL INSANITY  Cliff High | Half Past Human | The Grand Penis Conspiracy

Here is a story according to my reading of books:

There was once upon a time this planet which was a paradise.  There were very high beings that visited this high place and those such as Hiawatha and Tecumseh (for only two examples), communicated with the spirits from the skies.  Obviously all the CHIEFS were ‘enlightened’ in the communications and cooperation:  Joseph, Crazy Horse, Et Al.  Buried at Wounded Knee the ENTIRE GHOST "SPIRIT" DANCERS.

WOUNDED KNEE TOXIC SHAME.  Yes, that slaughter was to stop the dance to invite the ANCESTORS from the SKIES to come to earth and stop the mass genocide.  HITLER AND GOEBBLES studied BERNAYS’ and the North American Indian Genocide.  Known as the absolute truth now and that is an alchemy to be cultivated into higher vibrations.

PEOPLE OF AMERICA:  Until we honor the true patriots of this land, we're doomed to be depopulated in the APARTHEID - GENOCIDE model that has been many-many times, confronted.  Eric and Nick, the first step in true patriotism is CITIZENS' LAWYERS.  When we have the education system we've got (to quote RUMSFELD ABOUT OUR 'ARMY' TO WAR), we go to the intelligence table with what we've got.
  • We've got our BLACK FIRST JEWISH PRESIDENT.  He wasn't and isn't a lawyer.  He is a CRIMINAL and he is FRAUD;
  • We've got the BUSH CRIMINALLY INSANE for this country to have been held in a check-mate via the .... INTERNATIONAL BANKERS.
Until we can speak the language of CRIMINAL FRAUD, we can't be part of the HAVES. HAVE NOTS are also the Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer.  WHY?  Because, no matter what you two do, there isn't enough POWER over this criminally insane that can do whatever, whenever, because DIGITAL VIRTUAL CRIMINALLY INSANE FRAUD, has usurped the planet earth and done what we've got here.

Measure the level of POISONS.  The entire universe we are in is poisoned and the criminally insane that have taken our universe that we live in, to this point, need to be contained in healing centers until their families have bred out the vile evil that is clearly obvious.

WALKER F. TODD, he blew the first whistle on the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS and their plan to do what we've got now.  He is the man to get into the business of ON LINE CITIZEN LAWYERS' and I would suggest the next POTUS:  American True Patriot INDIAN.  It is long past time to vet the real deal.

I/We/Our family/ies of ARTEESTS are more than ready to do the job of CITIZEN LAWYER, and teach the world how to STOP THE APARTHEID.  Then we can all enjoy LOVE OF-FOR-TO-IN LIFE, EARTH PLANET, as healthy thinkers with brains uncontaminated and not fully corrupted by the criminally insane that have named their cult of corruption INTERNATIONAL BANKS.

Thanks SECOND AVENUE SEATTLE, Castle Rock, Washington's COYOTES' HOWLING AT THE MOON, with the voices we got.

KAREN HUDES.  This person is the TRUE PATRIOT and HI STORY is going to say this is true.  The ESTABLISHMENT doesn't like Karen, thus when the link such as JUDGE ALEX KOZINSKI's above, does not show the IMAGES ... IT has got us exactly where IT wants world earth:  in the IBs' gulag forever and ever.  AND NO MORE pesky humans once the experiments such as OBAMA, CLINTONS, Et Al are more perfected as the worst of our species to be the true patriot of the IBs'.  TRANSHUMANISM is being slow, but sure.

Thank you.

Truly you are the people of the awakening truth, too.  Roberta Kelly (aka Biloxi Marx), PDF includes information to be shared only as now, 'privacy' not 'secrecy', artists could not be secret and do the job as a great worker bee for the divine mystery!

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