Saturday, June 21, 2014

China's Gender Inequality | Left Over Women | The Three Highs
China, home of the Tao and the Taoists.  Practices and other forms of indescribable 'earth life'.

What happened?  Ah, yes, WAR and that was the way the people of China found the point that has been met, in the great FENG SHUI pivotal point and yin-yang, female-male, negative-positive, left-right, and there are not enough words to describe the idea 'universe within universe within universes'.

China isn't going to stay backwards and there isn't a going into the place where the WEST has chosen to be, there aren't enough westerners to have a 'land war' with China, and everybody knows the war ended when the digital ATMs provided Homo Sapiens' the choice to learn how.  How to be the same consumer no matter when-where-why-what-how, there are lots of highs just press the buttons.

Tim Geithner was laughed out of the Chinese University for proposing the Chinese allow HIM to be involved in the "MONEY".  China was the outfit that made FIAT so called money.  Now why would the Chinese want to allow the same evildoers that took in the BIG BOOK of KARL MARX (THAT WAS WRITTEN VIA THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS!), and FORCED the Chinese TO SUFFER THE HORROR OF COMMUNISM!

PALESTINE was and is the MODEL for world earth according to the criminally insane that sell FIAT so called money.

to be continued ...

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  1. How to get all nine compartments in the left and right brain into the higher high than the worldly stuck 3 that communism caused in China, where the CULTIVATION OF THE 9 HOUSES was taught, already. Tao.