Sunday, June 1, 2014

Laughing about Humor Sense | OUGHT To Know In The AUGHTS

RKelly-DWilson, Pelican
Laughing about Humor Sense

Tyrant sitting, life path today, laughing about how my sense of humor either develops to the higher, highest levels or I’m in big trouble right here, river city ... drowning in my own self-pity inviting me-myself, I’ve been thinking about the state we’re in, circle ourselves as jerks after a fashion, money.

THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!  And, therefore, I am laughing about Humors’ Sense.

START with stroking digital debt, a credit ball of fire burns red hot lust can’t get enough of the stuff, dust!  DUST!  What the ‘sowing seed in Dutch’ (Fuck)!!  Virtually nowhere man the magical puff shows up here there everywhere, ATM$, chasing the dragon in dope fiend$ consuming consumption because IT can.

LANGUAGE/$?  Trickery Dickery Snickery Snot NO$E$ all facing people’s same realities, VIS-A-VIS, blow our minds consumption consumes?  Really!  LEARNING wrong vibrations, our brain gonna go insane, gone-begone, mostly NO ‘Mind/$’.  ADDICT to MONEY ideology is IT NOT ?  CHOOSING faith in LOVE ... self-loathing rooted in evil controlling control.  HATE, hastiness, cruelty, psychopathy, sociopath, pathologies of hate filling overflowing past memories.  Unfinished business, blame outside and kill feelings, come one come all.

PAY THE PIPER.  We owe we owe and that is to whom the bell doth toll, to those that have decided to be the decider of we owe.  Disciplines over time manufacturing ideologies jurisprudence-medicine-philosophies require money is IT, is IT NOT, IT$’ not at all funny, that root of all evil ~ money is required for smarter to charge fraud and we’ve devolved !

He says, he says to me I'm outta here daily, throwin tantrums, acting lunacy moon bat.  BLEEDING in the head, tragic, and true stories followers of the false prophets.  WE have been taught a deadly bullet to the non-lie.

LOST and found requires ALL NEW acceptances of how choices are made-up somewhere there's a problem-solving, goal-seeking, real brain wanting to fully expand the mind and maybe then we can get some understanding with all our getting and be our own government as well as taking the burden off god and doing lots of what we have neglected to do as all powerful powers .... ATM is already government so why not just push the button when we need our gov to take care of the needs of digital virtual wants?

.. to be continued ...


  1. ATM is already BIG GOV GLOBAL so why not push the function button to do whatever we need as we are able to operate ATM no problem!

  2. Get into the art studio, push the ATM Gov and away we go into the future of the High Culture 21 Century as should be!