Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bernanke will exit his role with the Fed in January and pass the torch to Janet Yellen, the current vice chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System who is expected to continue Bernanke's policies while at the bank's helm.

BANK.  Let's begin with the CRIMINALLY INSANE LIE, 'Bank'.

We are living in the year, so ITS' said, 2013.  The Century is Twenty-one (C21).  That-this-these words are what we have to BE LIE VE in as the biggest LIES told.

International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve System, both women in the cat's bird seat, and it is 2013, C21!

Where are the women Rabbis?  How about the Popes as women for the next ? years?  It's 2013, C21!  Do we get our money sovereignty returned from 'women' and are these fully vetted 'females'?

Lies are what we trust, and this is the worst possible insanity of being human.  When observing:  best to observe what is being observed.

Minor detail in being a problem solving human walking upright in C21, year 2014 coming right up.

Ben Bernanke is a practitioner of the religion 'Jewry Poltical', and therefore, he is also a Zionist which is in reality the 'so-self-proclaimed' RICHEST 'humans' that decided to govern planet earth.

Yellen and Akerlof write, "In the existing literature this model most closely resembles [Larry] Summers'." << << <<

There are many 'humans' affiliated in this TRIBE of criminally insane immoral sickest of our species.  Or, the harvesting of human beings as though nothing but, USELESS EATERS' is what we all need to do for the cause.

We've got Clinton, Yellen, Rubin, and that's enough criminal insanity to bring us to our senses?

This is what an APARTHEID looks like.  Clinton is a Rockefeller, too.


Former Head of Bank of Israel to be Nominated as Vice Chair of Federal Reserve, December 12, 2013, In yet another confirmation of the Jewish Supremacist control over America’s federal reserve system—and therefore, over much of the world’s monetary systems—the former head of the Bank of Israel is about to be nominated as vice-chair of the Federal Reserve. 

There are human being people living in earth in billions of numbers.  In the United States there are multi-millions of people.  People who THINK they have a 'government' of human being people.

The idea is our world is civilized.  The civilized IDEOLOGY is actually in a measurement, of certain factions, for eons.

The factions of people sell to all people a measurement in civilized via the 'product' of them, they, those that have been named the SLOBS (European Genocidal Tyrants) and the BLOB/S (United $ta$i 'MeriKKa).  ZIONISTS are the global one world government which said that IT took over as of the year 2009.  Measuring SOCIETY, SOCIALIZING US.  Freedom as the/an IDEA, in reality a faction that have birthed a wicked ideology and name it via the levels of scholarly decided practices.  SCHOLARLY???  METZITZAH B'PEH!!!

We people, all, are told once the bestowed with a dignified publication in the publications owned by the same people who are in almost every place-level of power for the United States of America's SOCIETY:  how life is.  We are netted and made according to the IDEOLOGY FRAUD, and then kettled when we awake to ask questions.  MONEY ISN'T BUT DIGITAL FRAUD YELLEN, yes ma'am I'm yellen at your lying laughing FULL MOON FACE.  Study Chinese face health studies, and then get yourself off GMOs-ALL, right now.

These UNNATURALLY driven kill other people.  They are ARTIFICIAL AUTOMATONS AND dangerous to our society.  The 'GMO' protoplasm appear unable to be stopped from killing whoever demands the criminal insanity stop.  The GMO protoplasm kill people and the only reason not to kill their own, is when the criminally insane killer dictates and the dictate is obeyed without hesitation.  To be killed or to be the forever criminally insane agent-slave.

We know how many are alive by the positions of absolute power held, and the slave-agents in the digital addiction to whatever lies can be made into the driving forces of apartheid-genocide.

That's the real world of no bullshit.  Read the real news that's NOT owned by the self-proclaimed One World Zionist Government, an Apartheid-Genocidal Tyrant Criminally Insane Dictatorship as always.  Mr. Obama is the proof of gloom-doom-boom-boom-boom into the dust bin of history we've blown.

Change is the only reality in time's truth.  Game over in Eastern Earth for the 'Fed'.  Now West needs to get down to counting the Quadrillion owed to US Et Al, OR shut the Fuck up and die.

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  1. Bow down to the New World Order and do exactly the next dictate dictated or die.