Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gauntlet Drops, Fig Leaves Sew Like New Threads, an Emperor Caveat

The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, by Masaccio, before and after restoration. It was painted in 1425, covered up in 1680, and restored in 1980.
The Fig Leaf Syndrome
 Private Musings on Public Morality
by Antares
“Is that a gun in your pocket, Big Boy, or are you just happy to see me?”
– Mae West


How often I’ve heard this uttered in connection with financial and political shenanigans of every strain which, disappointingly, always seem to fade from the public memory before anything can be resolved, or anyone brought to book.

And each time I hear about cover-ups, the image of a fig leaf pops unbidden to mind. Is there a connection? Of course there is. 

In moments of luminous clarity, the universe has always shown itself to me to be essentially one inexhaustibly funny, punny conundrum. 

TRANSPARENCY is a much bandied about term these days. I’m not too comfortable with the word “transparent.” It implies invisibility – which, in turn, suggests unaccountability – a hidden hand, someone or something difficult to see. Like the Emperor’s multibillion dollar new suit. So why don’t we use the more organic description: NAKED? 

Why do we get so steamed up by the idea of nakedness that we actually have laws against it? Indeed in some countries there are laws to prevent Official Secrets from being exposed. In effect, the Cover-Up is actually a protected form of official behaviour, and my thesis is that this inbred fear of public exposure is ultimately linked to our attitude towards sex - whether we view it as a profane or sacred act. 

The fig leaf was the preferred form of cover-up in Europe for parts of the human anatomy deemed “private.” You find it in old paintings depicting Adam and Eve after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Why the fig leaf? Why the need to conceal this unmentionably delectable portion of our bodies? After all, the human body has been described as a Temple of Divinity, the Sacred Abode of God. 

The Old Testament explanation is mind-bogglingly simplistic: having disobeyed God by eating the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve lost their innocence and knew Shame. But why did the Maker set them up for such a Fall? Is God basically a cosmic Peeping Tom masquerading as Scientific Curiosity? 

Interestingly, the Malay word for genitalia is kemaluan – from malu which means (what else?) shame. However, the Arabs allude to the female sexual organs with the richly suggestive expression, al ghaib – “the concealed” or “the invisible” – in other words, “the Mystery of Mysteries.” (Male genitals do not enjoy such poetic licence, for obvious reasons. Colloquially, the penis is given names like batang and butoh – the onomatopoeic equivalents of “dong” and “dick” – with all their bluntly bellicose and brutal, yet cute and comical, connotations.)

In the Middle East such problems did not arise. Patriarchal notions of modesty forbade the realistic depiction of biological forms, so artists confined themselves to the abstractions of sacred geometry - wherein maleness could be represented by lines and angles, and femaleness by arcs and orbs. The dome-and-spire leitmotiv found in Christian and Islamic architecture gained wide popularity, not least because of its potent subliminal reference to forbidden pleasures. And don’t forget the genital worship suggested in the design of all pagan temples: lingams and yonis, phalluses and vulvas, lines and circles, plugs and sockets everywhere one looks. << <<

Metzitzah b'peh is practiced by the cult that Feinstein Et Al cover up as though this 5000 years of criminally insane mutilation of our male species is a practice of "Holy".

What is the epidemic now in the world?  HOMOSEXUALITY is a rampant endocrine problem. 

Freaks of nature choose to fig a leaf over kindness for stupidity.

Criminally insane choose to fig a leaf over innocence for guilty.

Genocidal Tyrants choose to fig a leaf over patience for ignorance.

White Supremacists choose to fig a leaf over intelligence for dumb.

Jewry Political Ponerologists choose to fig a leaf over love for hate.

Zioni$ts choose to fig a leaf over humility for subterranean sub-human

weakness mentally-emotionally-physically-spiritually isn't a fig leaf covering up other than the ancient history of human wound of the soul, "I'm not worthy".

What to do sentient beings?

The Jews or the Zionists, do we really know AMERICANS, PEOPLE OF EARTH?  These so called leaders of a free world made the prison planet into their paradise.  Problem was and is THE FIG LEAF didn't work.  Those that are like DIANNE and HILLARY and PELOSI AND BOXER AND PALIN AND OH MY GOD RUTH BADER GINSBERG AS WELL AS HOW MANY ARE JEWISH RUNNING AMERICA?  The World Zionists and the Jews and their goy agents, were running pretty much, the whole wide world.

Got insatiably greedy, FRAUD RELIGIOUS FANATICISM always do according to history.

This time around the weaving of a new fig leaf didn't or isn't working. 

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  1. SNOWDEN slew the gauntlet, removed the Fig Leaf and the Emperor Caveat is appearing as these typed letters also appear.

    uncovering the cover ups a much needed medicine