Thursday, December 12, 2013

Judge Jean Hudson Boyd

323rd District Court

Gavel and Scales
Judge Jean Hudson Boyd
Scott D. Moore Juvenile Justice Center
2701 Kimbo Road
Fort Worth, TX 76111
Associate Judge Tim Menikos
Associate Judge Ellen Smith
Associate Judge Kim Brown

Court Coordinator  -  817-838-4600
Court Clerk  -  817-838-4600
Court Reporter  -  817-838-4600
Judge's Bailiff  -  817-838-4600

1 comment:

  1. Every American Juvenile needs to appear before Judge Boyd, then we can see progress in America, Thank the DIGITAL 'money' that every U.S. 'child' can afford to be healed and NOT jail, jailed for profit to the Gates and Cheney Corrections, no Corruptions of America CCA is the Corp. to make everybody worse than dead.