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Japan & China & World War III began already

Senkaku Island Dispute: China threatens Japan with cold war / Breaking News
29 Kasım, 2013 |

The tone between Beijing and Tokyo is getting sharper. “We are prepared to go on a long-lasting confrontation with Japan”, says Chinese state media. Taiwan also now turns into the power play in the East China Sea.

The conflict over the Senkaku Islands exacerbated tensions between China and Japan. State media in Beijing are already talking about a possible cold war against Tokyo.

“We are prepared to go on a long-lasting confrontation with Japan,” wrote the English-language newspaper “Global Times”, published by the Communist party newspaper “People’s Daily”.

The Air Force has units set into high alert to decide to act against any threat, such as the Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported. Fighter jets and a reconnaissance aircraft were sent on patrol in the newly created air surveillance zone.

Senkaku Island Dispute:Protest from Tokyo and Taipei

7th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition
The military aircraft had flown “normal operations”, said a spokesman with Beijing. In China, however, the call for vigorous action is loud. “We should be timely and without hesitation take counter measures if Japan, the newly created air surveillance zone is questioning,” demanded the “Global Times”.

The paper stressed that the new air defense zone was not a no-fly zone and also can not be equated with the sovereign airspace.

“It is a demonstration of sovereignty,” said Professor Cheng Xiaohe of the People’s University of the news agency dpa in Beijing. “When China made ​​the decision about the zone, it was clear what would happen if the dispute escalates,” Cheng said. “If other parties to create an escalation, China will have no fear and fight to the end.”

The U.S. China expert Gordon Chang sees behind the dispute other reasons. “Due to internal political problems, especially due to the weak economy, China’s leaders fall into nationalism back to strengthen their legitimacy,” said Chang. “In their view, there is no better destination than the Japanese.”

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that his country wanted to avoid “calm and steadfast” with the situation. They would join forces with the allies, other neighboring states and international organizations. Tokyo and Seoul do not accept these without consultations with China established military zone. This overlaps with the long-standing air monitoring areas of both countries. Experts warn because of misunderstandings and accidental incidents.

Taiwan has joined the protest from Japan connected. In a joint decision of the governing parties and the opposition, President Ma Ying-jeou have prompted a resolute response. Taiwan should jointly with Japan and the U.S., the Beijing government move to lift the air defense zone. 

[SIDEBAR:  Japanese products were in decline, considerable decrease in purchases in China, and therefore, Chinese don't look to Japan to purchase as a high consumerism, certainly not automobiles.

China is also putting the SOFT POWER - 'Weather Weaponry!' - into the cosmic reality enema of the U$A, waking IT up to the new world order, East.

Rothschild Family Dynasty 'Sassoon' in Hong Kong since the first trade and exchange opened there, not too ready to make partnerships with the others'?  We don't really know what is going on other than the world powers are at war and WEATHER is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.]

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