Saturday, December 7, 2013

Roger Waters 2000, Portland, Oregon & Pink Floyd in Venice LIVE, 1989

1. Shine You Crazy Diamond
2. Learning To Fly
3. Yet Another Movie
4. Round And Around
5. Sorrow
6. The Dogs Of War
7. On The Turning Away
8. Time
9. The Great Gig In The Sky
10. Wish You Were Here
11. Money
12. Another Brick In The Wall
13. Comfortably Numb
14. Run Like Hell

David Gilmour (guitars and vocals)
Richard Wright (keyboards and vocals)
Nick Mason (drums and percussion)
Jon Carin (keyboards, synthesizers and vocals)
Tim Renwick (guitars)
Guy Pratt (bass and vocals)
Scott Page (saxophones)
Gary Wallis (percussion)
Rachel Fury (backing vocals)
Durga McBroom (backing vocals)
Lorelei McBroom (backing vocals)

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  1. Prayer Time ? What is praying and how do we join the prayers of those that understand the passion of life?