Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spinning Hurricane Mop Series #2: Investigating chemical weapons in Syria ~ Seymour Hersh and Brown Moses go head to head

Posted: 06/14/2013
2013-06-13-Channel4News.JPG Higgins's own photo of his interview with Channel 4 news

An Interview With Brown Moses, UK-Based Syria Weapons Tracking Pioneer

There aren't just citizen journalists now, sending out YouTube clips to the world. Where Syria is concerned, there are now citizen analysts, scouring that footage for weapons tracking. One of them, Eliot Higgins, is known as Brown Moses. He's no soldier; he's the father of a toddler in England, a self-taught analyst of these videos who works out of his living room watching thousands of clips posted by fighters on both sides of the Syrian conflict daily. Higgins was the one to blow the lid on Croatian-made arms use in Syria that led to the New York Times investigation exposing the fact that the weapons were smuggled to Croatia from Jordan by Saudi Arabia. He recently held an Indiegogo campaign to be able to continue this kind of work instead of his day job as a financial advisor. To my surprise, the organizations that use his information regularly and follow him on Twitter, from the Guardian, who profiled him, to Human Rights Watch, to the New York Times, didn't immediately ensure he could keep doing what he was doing. So although I'm a 28-year-old humanities graduate student on a budget, I pledged $75 to his cause. Thus began a back-and-forth between me and the unassuming 34-year old whom Peter Bouckaert, Human Rights Watch Emergency Director, calls "among the best out there when it comes to weapons monitoring in Syria." Higgins interviewed me about my work to get Syrian refugee stories out into the world this summer, contributing to my campaign in turn, and I approached him with the idea for an interview for the Huffington Post audience. What follows is a thoughtful and active citizen's informed take on all things Syria--and check out his blog and Twitter feed if you're concerned about the escalating civil war there.  WHAT GERMS YOUR MOP SPREADING AROUND THE HOUSE

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