Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Awesome Power of Prayer ? ! ?

>>  I just love in some of these pics, how she is holding her little hands, and in one of them it looks like she is precious for words.


The term “distant healing” has actually made its way into the lexicon of the National Institute of Health (NIH). Many medical facilities, including hospitals, refer to this phenomenon by various terms including prayer, spiritual healing and non-local healing. Just within the past few years, two major peer-reviewed journals have published studies on healing at a distance. The Annals of Internal Medicine published a review of 28 double-blind distant healing studies from reputable journals which came to the stunning conclusion that there is enough evidence to support a measurable effect of prayer at a distance and that more research was warranted and needed. Additionally, The Archives of Internal Medicine published a study, which reviewed the health data of 990 cardiac patients who were prayed for in a double-blind study. In this study, the people did not know that they were either being prayed for, or were not being prayed for. Further, in keeping with the tenets of double-blind studies, the people doing the praying did not know the individuals they were praying for. The praying people merely had a list of first names and last initials representing the people that were being prayed for. The survival rate of the group prayed for was significantly and measurably higher than the control group, in which nobody was prayed for.

[SIDEBAR:  Dave at the Common Sense Show says that 10% of people can make the changes happen.  What changes of which 10%?

The teaching I have been taught, is that 50% of the human consciousness has to get to 51% and then the collective of BILLIONS shifts the paradigm.  The question is proverbial:  which 51% and then the obvious too, question what the paradigm shift is going to turn into, once THOUGHT-ENERGY 'transforms' the 'idea'?  'ideology/ies'?  What gets changed - the programming has been successful in making the paradigms in earth to be WHAT we pray for-to and what we eat.

The power/s are controlled (THINKING-IMAGING-PRAYING-EATING), and the obvious controllers are not enlightened.  IE, the 'leaders' of earth, so called as self-proclaimed, are completely and without question:  criminally insane.

JAPAN and CHINA are again determined to be Asians that do not pray together nor eat the same foods together and certainly there wasn't any respect for pregnant women in China, when Japan decided to take control of the criminally insane madness of being the most vile evil in earth.  Nuked two times and now FukUShima doesn't tell what is going on and furthermore, what really happened!?

How did that Tsunami get to be - a weapon of the new secret all powerful ?  Laser?  Satellite?  Weather?  Do we get the real story about GOVERNMENT LEADERS all realizing in the 21 Century there has to be better getting along in controlling people and killing.

THINKING STUFF.  There is a thinking stuff that permeates, penetrates, and fills the universe and all universes known and unknown.

Why is world earth like this?  We have thought this up, that is those that decided the select few get to control and rule the imaginations of billions -- billions have been made into potato heads via GMO and then there is the true heinousness of making imbeciles and going on into darker stuff the child paedophilia cult that operates 'religion/s' --- imagination has no boundaries.

The evil prayer praying are not 51% of collective THINKING STUFF, thus, sleeping giant needs to awaken NOW.]

... to be continued ....

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  1. Do we kneel, does the closet door have to be shut, how do we hold our hands in the prayer