Wednesday, December 18, 2013


[sidebar:  WHAT is truly ENLIGHTENING, is the 'weed' isn't P HARM A ceutical/s to kill the human being system slow-medium-fast or destroy the 'balance' of the internal miracle.  AND],

... The former Marxist and guerilla revolutionary spent more than a decade in jail prior to his release in 1985, and he later climbed his way up the political ladder from an elected deputy to president in 2009. Known for maintaining a frugal lifestyle and a preference for giving most of his monthly salary to charities that benefit the poor, Mujica has overseen the legalization of gay marriage, abortion, and now marijuana. Uruguay has become perhaps the region’s most socially liberal country, and the state’s decision to regulate the sale of marijuana – a de facto nationalization – will allow it to tinker with policies that can be emulated elsewhere if proven successful .... 

IDEA:  well worth the attention-intention of every human being thinking and walking upright.

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  1. What is China, Russia, and especially the Western BIG P HARM A going to do when the people once again trust MOTHER EARTH to heal, feed and truly care for the species as ITS' 'own' children?!